Navbar hint

I thought I’d share this because I only found out by subscribing to the blogger blog.  They have updated the navbar (bar at the top of blogger blogs) choices.  You can now have transparent navbars (see what I mean by looking at mine).  Just go into settings and layout and click edit on the navbar.  Makes blogs much prettier. As I was browsing around today I saw a fair number of blogs that could benefit from this…

p.s. I posted earlier today today too so scroll down..

2 responses to “Navbar hint

  1. I could not believe the difference when I "redid" my page and got the transparent navbar. It's the little things. : )

  2. Hi Susan, haven't seen your blog. Can't wait to read it all. re: Blogger's navbar, you can also insert a little snippet of code into your template and make it disappear (since you know html) 😉 See Max's blogHappy Thanksgiving. I know Nathan and Max are having fun and being loved.

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