So – I just bought two tickets to Washington DC. I lived in the area for several years after college and that is where Luke and I met. I have been back once since, when I was pregnant with Nathan.

We are going back for my Uncle’s funeral. It makes me realize that we really need to go back for reasons of just visiting the town and the poeple there we love. We fell in love and got married there. I hope we are able to at least drive by our old apartment and wedding chapel! We will only be there for one full day and we don’t even know where our children will be while we are gone yet but it is really important for us to go and so we just booked the trip and will figure it all out. It is not until December so we have time. My Uncle will be buried with full honors (not the right terms, I know) at Arlington National Cemetery, thus the delay.

Here is a picture of a young and permed me at the Lincoln Memorial in 1994 (before I met Luke)

4 responses to “DC

  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad you have a little time to prepare to head out there. It's a shame it has to be on such a sad note though. DC is a wonderful place. You look good in a perm. πŸ™‚

  2. I am SO glad you are going. ((((((hug)))))

  3. I know your girls don't know us too well, but if you need, we can watch them for you! OR maybe I could even stay at your house to watch them for their comfort. πŸ˜‰ Dec 19 we go on vacation for 11 days though. (((HUGS))) I hope you get to reminice a little while you're there. ~ Myndi

  4. I wish we were finished with school early enough to be there, Susan, but we won't be. Sorry 😦 Kathy

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