I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a statue in memory of Nathan. His school has a garden area and we are going to put it in there. In addition we are giving some funds for a tree and some landscaping to be done around it. I have been working on this for many months but have taken it slowly. I could have ordered the bench back in April but it has taken this long to just feel ready to do it.

This is the bench. There will also be a plaque on it. It is a stock statue – not custom. I just loved the boy and the girl. It reminds me of Nathan and Julia. Nathan loved school and liked to read and I really hope the kids like looking at it and touching it. The statue can have the kids off to one side which I originally wanted so a child could sit with them if they wanted. The people at the statue company really warned against doing so because it is not meant for sitting really and it could add to the wear and tear so I ordered it in the center. I have until Monday afternoon to change my mind. Let me know your thoughts on this because I am torn.

We aren’t planning a ceremony or anything. That just isn’t our thing. It will arrive an about a month.

If you are local, the garden is kept locked when not in use by students. I am going to beg for a key and then if you want to see it down the line I’d love to show you. I will post pictures when it happens of course.

7 responses to “Memorial

  1. I love it, Susan. I understand that this is not really a tough bench made for kid roughness, but since this will be in a garden that is locked unless the teacher is present (at least at our local elementary the teacher is always with the young kids when they are in the garden), and so it will not be seeing non-stop use, and kids will not be left on their own in that space to go nuts and climb on everything, I think it would be safe to have the children on the side and it will still last a long time. Also, the very spirit of the statue is to share, and so to allow a child to momentarily engage with the statue children, to wonder about Nathan (I bet I would have loved that bench as a girl, and would have imagined Nathan was the boy and made up imaginary stories about him and the girl, whom I might have imagined was me), and to enjoy that space you have created in his memory–that seems so fitting. Of course, you decide as you and Luke think is best! (And even if they are in the middle, I bet kids still try to sit next to them)

  2. They can't profide a more sturdy bench? I love the statues, I like them off to the side, inviting kids to sit with them. I guess I see a bench – one that is true bench sized, and not a small representation – as something you would expect to be able to sit on. I'd hate to see it break because kids did what seemed natural to do – to sit on a bench. Is the garden separate from the playground?

  3. I like the one to the side as well. They are both beautiful though, and it's a great choice.

  4. I have to concur. I would want to sit with Nathan if I could.VB

  5. I like the one to the side as well, mainly because the plaque is more prominent. I would like to think that people would take the time to read it before sitting. Maybe the plaque can contain an inscription inviting them to sit and remember gentle Nathan?

  6. I'm going to vote for the side too, everyone elses opinions persuaded me. What a beautiful way to remember your sweet boy. Looking at that statue makes me recall the video clip of dear Nathan reading the Noah's Ark story to little Lauren and how that was the first time I heard his sweet voice. Rita

  7. I like them sitting in the middle–the 2 of them sharing the bench. Kids will definitely sit on it if the girl and boy are sitting to the side. They also look a little crowded to me sitting on the side. If the bench was meant to sit on, then I would concur that having them to the side would be best welcoming students to sit by them. Since it is not, it will be difficult for students to resist sitting there–even if they have been told not to. I think the bench will last longer with the 2 children sitting in the middle.

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