Missy and Ryan

I have failed to update on my previous post on Missy and Ryan.

It is such a harsh world – such a difficult reality.

Missy died on July 8 and Ryan died on July 10.

I am beyond sad for Les, Will and Heidi. Their losses are so great. I can not imagine what Luke and the girls would be going through if they also lost me two years ago.

I never met Missy and Ryan in person, but I hope to one day.

I feel a bit of a jerk for not updating as soon as I found out. My excuses above make it even more pathetic. I guess it gives some insight into the selfishness me as grieving person.

This is a very hard time of year for me. I spend a bunch of time trying not to think back to two years ago. Lately there have been hard things I have wanted to post about, but can not bring myself to do so. There is also a very worrisome thing going on that I am not at liberty to discuss right now.


5 responses to “Missy and Ryan

  1. no one thinks you are selfish about not posting this news sooner, Susan. i cannot comprehend the pain you are still going through, let alone the even greater pain they are in now. but i can imagine how their new suffering brings back a lot of your own, and for that i am truly sorry. i will be sincerely praying for both you and them. (((hug)))

  2. Oh, wow. I've only been reading for a very short time and it slipped my mind that Missy is Ryan's mom. How awful.I hope the worrisome thing works out for the best. You are in my thoughts every day, especially right now with my dog being in hospital. Every time I think of her, I think of you and how much more you have lost. The photo of the girls running through the sprinkler hand in hand the other day made me miss Nathan so much, I wanted to cry. The computer I was using at the time wouldn't let me comment, but it breaks my heart when I think of you without him.

  3. Love going to you Susan-no worries about when you posted this news, especially during this hard time of year. If it makes you feel better-i haven't posted it either on my blog-just been too torn up by it to be able to put it to words yet-like that would make it more real (as if it isn't real enough) So, so, sad…

  4. July is especially difficult for me too. I find myself almost unable to breathe at times with grief. Every other month I can conjure up good times spent with Nathan…but July is just so hard.

  5. OMG Susan. I hadn't checked on Ryan ad Missy since I went on vacation. This is just so heartbreaking! Never ever ever feel like you need to hold back. Yell, scream, throw a fit, do what you have to hon! Noone can or should tell you how and when its time to stop grieving. Here if you need me! (((HUGS)))

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