Sat. night dream

Once again – blogging a dream mainly for myself to remember.

I’m in a house that is my house but not my actual house in real life.  There are tons of houseguest and kids about as well as some friends of friends that I do not know.  Nathan walks in the hall and he is about 5 or 6 and is wearing pajamas – perhaps his blue and red hot wheels pajamas.  I smiled at him and told him I was glad to see him as I hadn’t seen him much today because he’s been off playing with all the kids.  He walked out of the room and the person I was standing with asked if he was my son and I said yes.

This is one of the only dreams I have had of Nathan where I do not acknowledge during the dream that Nathan is actually dead.  He just sliiped into my dream as if he was a part of my everyday life as usual.  It was a nice treat.

One response to “Sat. night dream

  1. I long for those too, they do warm the heart. I'm glad you got to see him.

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