This entry is for me – I like to write down my dreams of Nathan so I can remember them later.

I was in the inpatient side of MSKCC. I walked through the halls and accidently walked through the nurses station. I ran into Dr. K and he said my name with surprise and asked what I was doing there. I told him I was there for my son. He made some comment thinking I was there to remember Nathan being there but I told him that Nathan was there and I was going to go get him. I got to his hospital room and I picked him up and was holding him cradle style. He was his 7 year old size. He was sweet but I could tell I was hurting him. I then picked him up chest to chest an he wrapped his legs around my waist and said that was much better and smiled at me. I took him right out of that hospital into the sunshine.

The feeling of being near to Nathan is still with me this morning. I love that.

2 responses to “Dream

  1. beautiful “memory.” even if it was for you, thank you for sharing it. me

  2. Love your dream. What does doctors know in dreams anyway?VB

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