Thanks for the reminder….

After reading went straight to the bottom of the email and hit unsubscribe.
p.s. another new post below this one.

3 responses to “Thanks for the reminder….

  1. Oh man, I’m sorry you had to get that. I HATE companies that send out those kind of notices. Not the same thing at all, but 11 1/2 years ago I lost a baby at the end of my first trimester. Every month after that, Carnation company (who got my name from my OBGYN, grr), sent out a booklet counting down the time until my dead baby would be “born”. The one that came right before the month my baby would have been born was the hardest and the most heartbreaking, a picture of an adorable newborn with the words “It’s almost time for us to meet, mom!”I guess the percentage of the population that has been smacked with tragedy isn’t important enough to take into consideration:*(((hugs)) Rita

  2. The dark side of marketing. (Wait, that implies there is a light side. . . ) I am so sorry, for both you and Rita.

  3. (((HUGS))) I’m sorry hon!

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