I got an email from a friend the other day. Her son, Elias, was treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering with Nathan. She told me she was grocery shopping (NYC suburbs) and saw a picture of Nathan at the checkout counter as part of a childhood cancer fundraiser. She told me she was taken aback to see it and she proceeded to tell everyone in line with her about Nathan.

It is this picture.

I have this picture on flickr. I am not sure how they got it and came to use it. I am not upset they are using it, but I only wish that his name was on it. So, I started a bit of a campaign on Facebook to get the word out that the little boy in that picture is my beloved Nathan.

I love this picture. Nathan is watching all the traffic in the city. I love that you can see his feet. I can imagine the feel of my lips on his bald head when I see this picture.

So, if any of you readers are in that area and see the picture, know it is Nathan.


4 responses to “Window

  1. Hi Susan,I read your post on MckMama’s board, and live in Manhattan. If there’s anything I can do regarding this, please let me know. My email is roomthreeseventeen@gmail.comYour son, Nathan, is beautiful!

  2. I am on Facebook and would love a link to add your campaign to my site. I totally agree his name should be on it (although I do think permission should have been asked as well). His story should live on forever, he touched so many hearts.I know he stole my heart and will never be forgotten by me.Rita Bolli (KS)

  3. this photo has brought tears to my eyes… It’s so beautiful and bittersweet and sad….

  4. I love this photo. Worth more than just a thousand words.

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