Fee Fi Fiddly I O

When I was upstairs getting ready this morning I heard Lauren singing, “I’ve been working on the railroad” I have no idea how it got into her head.

That was Nathan’s favorite song at that age and it was such a nice memory to hear Lauren singing it out of the blue like that.

Here’s a video of Nathan (and a little of Julia) singing it:


2 responses to “Fee Fi Fiddly I O

  1. Is that #34 jersey in honor of Walter Payton?

  2. Ok, when Nathan sings “rise up so early in the morn” it is TOO cute! Meredith had those same little (lisps? not the right word, but the adorable way of shaping some of those sounds) and she is now growing out of them and I have to admit I am a little sad! It kinda makes me wish we had video capabilities when she was little.

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