I was about to come to blog about some other things, which I will do in a nother post but I just read the sad, sad news about yet another beautiful child lost to Neuroblastoma. Erin had been battling a very long time. She relapsed a few months before Nathan and has spent many years in easy and fairly effective treatment. I came to “know” her mom online and got a feel for who Erin was (beautiful, bright, funny, loving) by following her blog. I am shocked by her death and just sickened and sad. I hate that there are still kids out there dying from cancer. Why can’t we cure them? Please keep Erin’s family in your thoughts and prayers.


2 responses to “Erin

  1. I’ve been following Erin for years too. I was so shocked to see her update this morning. :o(

  2. Thank you for the tribute and the story of your dream. The pain and unnaturalness of feeding Erin morphine and methadone helped me understand her death better.

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