Not while they are eating

So one thing I didn’t mention in my earlier post was that despite Excalibur being a more “family-friendly” Las Vegas Hotel, we could not get to the elevators for our room without passing (closely) an area with gaming tables and eating tables in front of a stage with scantily-clad women dancing suggestively.

After something like the 10th time we passed it I said something to Julia about hoping she didn’t grow up and have that for her job. She said she wouldn’t want to do it because she wouldn’t want to dance for people while they were busy eating.

She seemed to be completely oblivious to the reasons the women were dancing that way, dressed that way. Which makes sense, since she has no frame of reference. She didn’t find the dancing “sexy” because it isn’t even in her vocabulary. She just thought that it wouldn’t be good to be performing for people who were not paying their full attention to her and especially not doing something as base as eating.

I hesitated to post this, because quite a few of you I know will be horrified that I subjected my child to this. The truth is, it did make me uncomfortable that she was seeing it, but what was done, was done. I doubt it increases her chances of falling into such a profession. It was more about her naivitee and trying to keep it that way. It seems fairly intact…

5 responses to “Not while they are eating

  1. I think it’s nice when we get a glimpse of the innocence of a child. 🙂 Do you remember seeing a picture I posted on our website recently? It was from when we were in Vegas many years ago. (My) Julia was posing in front of the Midnight Fantasy ad. LOL

  2. I think Julia has a good point, if she is going to be an exotic dancer she should do it someplace where she will have the undivided attention of the audience. That’s just solid self esteem.Re: confessions. I went to see the Watchman with my brother, my mother, and my 11-year-old daughter. After about 20 minutes, of which we told Kate to look away for about 10, my mom and Kate left and went to Pet Smart.

  3. It falls in the crap happens category. I think you deflected any potential damage quiet well.confession – I use the “Hot-Chicka Latte” and other bikini barista coffee corners as a threat to Button.”If you don’t get good grades the only job you’ll get is at Hot Chicka Latte. Slinging coffee while showing your tatas. Good coffee houses like Starbucks won’t hire you.”

  4. I don’t think we can raise children in the normal world without them seeing things that are hard to explain (or undesirable to explain!) I would put that dancing in the same category as homeless people, or street kids doing drugs, or abortion–all things we have had to explain so far in a way that makes sense to a kid but does not cause them stress inappropriate for their age and comprehension ability. Abortion was a tough one. But I think the most mind-boggling one for them was that some people–good friends of ours!!!!–do not believe in God. Still, I am not looking for such opportunities, and am avoiding what I can! We are really open and straighforward about animals mating, the birth process, nudity–but it has clearly not occurred to them yet to try to figure out *what* goes *where* and I am not going to volunteer that! And so far while we know of families with two mommies (c’mon, we live in Santa Cruz!) so that has not seemed strange to them, they do not yet know the concept of gay–and that one I am hoping we can wait a looooooooooong time to get to. And now that I think about it, sexy dancing would not be harder to explain than the sultry ads we see everywhere on the internet, on ebay, youtube, etc.

  5. Sweet innocence! I love it! Enjoy it while it lasts!

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