7 years 1 month 13 days

7 years 1 month 13 days

That is how long Nathan lived here on earth.

Today, Julia is 7 years 1 month 13 days.

Tomorrow, she is older than her older brother ever was.

This is just the first of many milestones to come where Julia overtakes her big brother.

She is already far taller and heavier than he ever was.

Time passes…too quickly

6 responses to “7 years 1 month 13 days

  1. Some people wish they could keep their kids young forever. I ‘ll bet they never thought of this aspect of the wish–that the world goes on, and we never want to fall out of sync with those we love most. You will have Nathan forever, but I wish you had him here still. (hug)

  2. Sending Hugs and most of all Prayers your way.I pray regularly for you and Luke but tend to forget the impact on Julia ….. may God hold her extra close while she travels paths her Brother never had the chance to travel!

  3. Sorry I didn’t come by earlier… I had the date marked on my calendar and thought of you all, as I do often.

  4. Blessed above said it best. I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and your family.

  5. Wow that must be a very tough milestone for you. All the best.

  6. “Wow” is right. I never thought of this, since David is the eldest of our two. Wow. God bless you.

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