I have been feeling a lot of gratitude lately. I think some of the hurt is less intense and so I am able to see things more clearly.

Things I have noted lately that I am feeling grateful for:

My husband…The love of my life, father of my kids, my best friend. I am truly lucky to have him. I can’t really put into words what he means to me. He is everything I ever wanted in a spouse, plus so many other things I never knew I wanted.

My House…especially when it is clean…We’ve made a few improvements in the last few years that have made it a more pleasant place to be. More than that, it is more than adequate to house my family. We have a low mortgage payment and a quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood. Sure, sometimes when I am in a newer, nicer, bigger house I have tinges of envy, but mostly I am just so grateful to be able to live in my house. I recently took care of some children for a day while their mom worked. They made comment after comment about how TINY my house and yard are! They really were amazed at my tiny house. I have been to their house and it is beautiful and big. So, I guess my 2400 sq ft house seems tiny to them. I kept my lips zipped but the truth is that we could have their big fancy house if I had a (paying) job. Which would they pick, their big house or their mom home with them full time? Which brings me to….

My Job, or lack of paying job anyway…I can stay home and raise my kids. I can go to the zoo on a beautiful winter Tuesday afternoon. I can spend time planning and cooking meals..not rushing to throw anything on the table. I can sit in the library on a Friday afternoon blogging while my three year old plays happily at a friend’s house with her best friends. Of course I couldn’t have this job without #1 on my list, my husband, who provides for us. It took a while for me to come to enjoy staying at home. I hated it for a while. I learned that in order to be happy as a stay-at-home mom I had to have scheduled time without my kids as well.

My children are of course something I am grateful for almost every moment of the day! There are many, many more things. It is just that these three things I have been feeling particularly grateful for lately.

7 responses to “Grateful

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Your words evoke a mental image: you sitting in the living room, having a peaceful moment with the light streaming into the house from those front windows, seeing kids playing outside in the cul-de-sac while Julie and Lauren are happily occupied in another room and you can hear their voices every now and then, while you know Luke is downstairs working. . . I too am focusing on my blessings this week (for the next 40 days!). The ones you mention are also at the top of my list. And don’t forget to think of me anytime you feel for even a moment like your house is small! Your house is just the right size–it is just our cultural perception of required space and material comfort that is bloated all out of proportion! ; )

  2. whoops–typo I did not catch: JuliA

  3. I love this post. It’s like the priceless commercial wonderfully written.Thank you,

  4. Funny thing is, I always loved your house from your pix. It looks like the perfect house to me, not mention it is the house you have raised your kids in. The got to have more/bigger/best mentality is exactly what has gotten so many in trouble. It is good to be content with what you have.And since when are 2400 sq foot houses considered small???Rita B

  5. I was raised in a small house……one bathroom we bumped each other in hall…my sophmore year of High School my parents moved to a large house 2.5 bathrooms and I missed the knowing what my sister was doing because she was just the other side of the wall. I missed the feelings of safety because I could hear my daddy snoring at night…..the master suite was too far from my new room to hear him anymore.Those memories would never have been if we had the house the whole time growing up. Next time a child comments on the size of your house, say something about “I know the love in this house does seem to overflow.”

  6. I have a house your size (and could afford much larger), but I can barely keep the one I have clean. I do not want a single more square foot to accumulate stuff in or have to scrub, dust, or sweep. I like your list!

  7. I can’t believe anyone would think a 2400 sq foot house was “tiny!”We lived in a 2400 when we moved to Washington and I quickly learned to agree with Vickie that it was just large enough to think it was clean, when in fact they were killing some other section of the house as I worked. I do think my 1600 sq ft house is a bit smaller now than I did when we moved in with babies, but I don’t think it’s tiny either. Kids are silly!

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