Warning ranting about stuff that really isn’t my business!

I still read blogs of neuroblastoma patients we knew from way back. Recently one child was inpatient from spiking a fever while her counts were low. Most hospitals require the counts climb back up before the patient is released, even if there are no more fevers. This results in time spent in-patient when the patient doesn’t really feel sick. It’s frustrating, no doubt. I’ve been there.

However, my tolerance is low now for listening to parents whine and whine about hospital stays. They have their child with them. In fact, they have lots of time to spend with the child. It isn’t a life-threatening hospital stay. Yes, there are more fun thing they and their child could be doing. I wish I could shake them and say, “Yes, this really sucks, but you can’t do anything about it, so why not try to make the best of your time with your child. Surely your attitude is rubbing off on them”

Nathan’s 6 weeks in the hospital in the fall of 2006 sucked and I am sure I whined plenty. A big part of that was that not very far into the stay we knew that Nathan was terminal, looking at his last Christmas and trying to figure out how to get sprung to be all together as a family in Colorado for that last Christmas. Oh, and that I had a baby I was nursing but couldn’t bring into his room, and a four year old sister who couldn’t see him either. Luke and I only saw each other in passing. Somehow I think I deserved a little whining over that.

This particular family had no other young children at home. They were free to have all their family members visiting at the hospital. Make the best of it; time could be limited, do they really want to spend it whining and looking ahead instead of what is right in front of them?

I know I shouldn’t judge – but I am judging. Feel free to ignore this rant. My perspective is skewed, even if I think it is right!

2 responses to “Perspective

  1. Susan — just a thought…that maybe you *should* say something to this family. You have a perspective of just how very precious family time together is. You are spot on when you explain how one’s attitude is so much about what we make of the time we have. This family may not “like” what you say, but I imagine it will help to change them on the inside and that your words will echo in their mind and hearts in the weeks and months to come….– Katie

  2. Hello Susan – I have two things I’d like to say.1. Who said you shouldn’t judge? It is your unalienable right as an American citizen, a mom who has lost a child, and a person with perspective that no one can comprehend unless they have been there. Judge away! I would also freely suggest that you drop me a line when I start singing the ‘poor me’ blues because I don’t like being there but sometimes the pendulum swings that way and a reminder is always useful.2. Damn you and your minivan explanation! I am an absolute sucker for logical arguments presented in a manner that renders any argument futile. Well done…I will now have to buy one.

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