Nathan’s Network

This year, once again, our friends are shaving their heads in honor of Nathan. St. Baldricks provides grants to researchers to help find a cure for cancer. This is no abstract idea – our good friend, Beth, is one such resarcher who recently received a grant from St. Baldricks for her study of medullablastoma. Her husband, Carlos, will be a first time shavee. Several team members will be shaving for the second or third time. Edited to add from the comments: James B, in Nathan’s Netowrk is the 14 year old son of a good friend of ours who is shaving for the first time as well. Thanks James!

So, if you are able, please go visit Nathan’s Network, and help support the race to find a cure for childhood cancer.

2 responses to “Nathan’s Network

  1. JimIII, signed up as James B. (my 14 year old) is also doing it for the first time. He got special permission from his school to have a shaved head. Usually it is forbidden.

  2. As every year, we are supporting Matt and Nathan’s team, and though we cannot be there, we love seeing the photos. I love St Baldricks for a number of reasons, because it is hard to have organizations that a) specialize specifically on childhood cancer, b) give at least 75% of the donations to research.

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