We had a great trip. Luke read a really thick book and I read several small ones. We alternated between sitting on the beach or the pool. We spent some time in the pool bar. I drank too much one afternoon at the pool bar, in fact. We took walks down the beach and to some nearby shops. The sister resort we stayed at last time has a popcorn machine and so we had to walk over there a few times so I could get my fix. We ate a month’s worth of guacamole and drank a lot of coffee and margaritas. We watched several old movies with subtitles.

The last time we went to Mexico we had a picture taken on the beach and so we thought we should do it again. We saw the photographer and grabbed him and then instead of just a picture he had us do a whole photo shoot. We finally cut him short after a few poses. We are not photoshoot material! Luke did not have any sunglasses on and the photographer made him wear his instead. Thus, the aviator glasses that Luke would not normally wear.

p.s. I posted earlier in the day also – so keep scrolling

9 responses to “Mexico

  1. Really glad you had a good time. This is Jae’s type of vacation, but I’m not a lay on the beach guy, so she never gets. I think we’ll have to do this our next big vacation.Photo shoot looks pretty good to me.

  2. The photo shots of the two of you are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.– Katie

  3. Yes! I totally disagree that you are not photo shoot people–you both look fantastic! I am not just being nice. : ) That photog is good at what he does. But you look great also because you look happy and relaxed–which is beautiful in itself. So what were your beach reads? I’ll never forget the time I got to go with your family to Florida and when you and I got out the books to head down to the water, I realized I had brought “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” (life in the gulag), “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (life in a mental institution) and one other equally depresssing title. I must have really needed the vacation!Lisa

  4. Hi Susan! Your kiddos are adorable, especially that sweet Nathan. I bet his sisters miss him a lot (not to mention his mommmy and daddy). It’s nice to see that Sarah has more than one “fan” here in Colorado Springs!

  5. So glad you all got to go away and just RELAX. You deserved it. Great pix!!Blessings,

  6. It looks like you had a great trip.I just found you through Sarah Smith’s spot and plan on visiting again.Thanks for sharing your life through your

  7. I think Luke’s lender sunglasses look nice on him! 😉 SO glad you had a good, restful time. You deserved it!

  8. Those are great pics.

  9. Hi, Susan! I finally found my way to your blog again. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time. The pics turned out just like an ad for the Sandals resort. I’m so glad you went (even if you forgot J’s birthday-hehehehe.) We need to do lunch or coffee again soon so we can get all caught up again! Hugs!

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