The party

So, today is Julia’s birthday party. She insisted on having it at Chuck E Cheese because that is where Nathan had his seventh birthday party. Luke and I were more that a little reluctant to have it there, for the sake of our feelings. However, we decided to let her have it there. Her teacher, who was Nathan’s teacher, is coming. She came to Nathan’s party, under the circumstances, and I wouldn’t guess she would normally attend a student’s party. So, of course Julia wanted her at hers because she is trying to replicate Nathan’s party. I have heard Julia trying to tell Lauren all the things they would do at the party and have had to stop and warn her that they may have changed things and the Chuck E Cheese people may not do the exact same activities that they did at Nathan’s party. I just worry that she will not have a good party with all these expectations. She can try to replicate it but she can’t have her brother there, which is what she really wants.

In around 49 days she will be older than Nathan ever was.

8 responses to “The party

  1. That is a hard concept to grasp, older than he ever was. I hope that the birthday party is a blessing to her, to you and to everyone who attends. May the magic happen…who knows what it will be? God bless you.

  2. I hope Julia has a good day. I remember that party well. It was the last time I ever was able to kiss Nathan’s forehead and tell him I loved him. I wish I was able to be there for Julia’s today!

  3. She did that last year on her birthday too, didn’t she? Wanting to do it where/exactly Nathan’s took place. That touches my heart profoundly. I hope the party brings her comfort and helps her feel his presence there.Happy Birthday Sweet Juila.

  4. That is so generous of you and Luke, Susan, to be willing to revisit a happy/painful memory for the sake of Julia’s desires. To allow Julia to have part of a memory that had been Nathan’s alone. It is so awesome (in both its meanings) that she desires to have Nathan present in her celebration. I don’t think you need to worry about her thinking you were bad parents for leaving for your trip on her birthday–not when she will look back from maturity and see how you loved all your children so sacrificially. I hope it went well and you all had a great time. Love, Lisa

  5. I hope the party was a success. Love to all, Kathy

  6. Hope the party met her expectations. Extra hugs and prayers coming your way, you and Luke are great parents and God will bles you for sacrificing your emotions for those of your children. Go enjoy your time away and may it be a time of healing and relaxing with a BUNCH of fun thrown in!

  7. Wow, that’s tough. I hope all went well.Love,JimII

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