Happy New Years

I’m not really happy with the year changing to 2009 and it sounds so long ago since 2007 when Nathan was alive.  I can’t say he died last year anymore.  It feels like yesterday but as the time goes by I fear his loss will be marginalized for being “years ago”.

We are hanging out in Illinois.  I have been sick since the 21st but amd functional again.  Luke is in the throes of it now.  Luckily I felt better before he felt crummy.

The girls are enjoying their grandparents and aunt (so am I, of course).  I’ve had my favorite foods and done a lot of lazing around in pajamas.

There is no way we will be up at midnight tonight but we are planning on some fun food and drinks and a few games this evening.  Luke’s sister has wisely gone back up to Chicago to have fun with her friends who are not nearly so old and lame as we are!

School doesn’t start back up until the 8th and so I will have to find ways to entertain the kids for the next few days when we get home.  They did great on the 15 hour drive here.  Hopefully the same will be said for the trip home.

One response to “Happy New Years

  1. 2009. “Remember Nathan daily”, seems like a better resolution than most.Sorry to hear you guys have been sick for the holidays, as well. Thanks for the picture. The girls sure look cute in their dresses.

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