Lauren’s Appointment

I know some of you are wondering about Lauren’s doctor appointment, due to my paranoid post a few weeks ago.

She had been doing better about the tiredness and the breathing thing did not recur, so I was feeling better. It is usually the case that I get in a panic for a week or two and then calm down, which I had.

Lauren weighed in at 25.5 pounds and is 36.25 inches high. The growth chart calculator says this:

your child is 25.5 pounds, and that is
at the 4th percentile for weight.

your child is 36.25 inches, and that is
at the 22th percentile for height.

The doctor says she is still growing on her curve, just not on the average curve. She thinks I need to make sure she is eating more fat. She suggested I slip her some milkshakes, and in fact, I got her Frosty on the way home.

We talked about her fatigue and agreed it is just her lack of sleep. She looked her over and we discussed checking her hemoglobin but decided her color looked fine and that she has always been fairly pale. I asked the doctor how I could judge whether I needed to be concerned medically about Lauren and she gave me some specifics. She also said she was willing to run blood tests anytime and at some point might want to check her blood anyway due to her small size. I said I didn’t ever want to put her through anything medical because of my neuroses but she said that sometimes it could be better for everyone to do that. She suggested I bring Lauren back in in six months to check her growth and that I should just let her know and she will run more test on Lauren if I need her to.


3 responses to “Lauren’s Appointment

  1. Tunca is still 3rd percentile for weight (he’s 5.5 yrs old) and 20th for height. I give him pediasure once a week, and lots of shakes. Plus butter. Real butter in pasta etc. His doc thinks that as long as he’s growing steady, he should be fine. DH was very thin when he was young, so maybe she takes after you (or Luke?). The only time the doc got nervous was when his height did not increase during a 5 month period, but he caught up.

  2. dang – that was me up there – Arda must have checked his email and forgotten to sign out.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and give you a hug. My oldest was a lot like that always on the lighter/shorter side and still is. His brother that is 2 yrs younger is passing him up. LOL! Hang in there and if it makes you feel better do what you need to. ((HUGS))

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