Last night at choir rehearsal we had a huge turnout – something like 120 members.  We had to keep adding chairs.  With Christmas coming and preparing for our big concert (link to that coming soon) attendance is up.

It was wonderful treat to rehearse with so many voices, all praising God together, in a relatively small room that was completely filled with sound.  It made me stop to remember how lucky I am to belong to such a wonderful choir.

On Wednesday, over 100 of us showed up to sing for our beloved choir member, Terry’s, funeral and for her husband Joe.  It was a very meaningful service that really focused on the gift of eternal life and the gift of Terry’s life.

To close the funeral, Joe chose a very uplifting gospel number, “He Reigns Forever!”.  Part way through the song he motioned for the congregation to stand.  It was a wonderful tribute and I was so blessed to be a part of it.

One response to “Choir

  1. Sounds wonderful. I sang in large choirs for nine years and I sure miss it something awful. Especially the annual Christmas carol festival, and singing oratorios.

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