Prayer Requests

I could fill this blog up with stories of other families going through loss and hard times.  Every day I am hearing about children dying and families suffering.  It is like there is a whole world most people don’t even know exists, where these things are happening and I am tapped into it.

Today I feel compelled to share a few stories and ask for prayers and good thoughts for these families.

First, from our time at the Ronald in NYC, we met a little boy, Carter, who fought NB for a long time just like Nathan.  He passed away a few months after Nathan did.  His Dad died last week, after a long road of self-destructiveness.  His sister has now lost her dad and her brother.

Second, from my time on the Neuroblastoma listserv, Sarah and her daugher Hannah. Sarah has been so supportive of me over the years. Her daughter succombed to cancer this past week after a six year battle.  Beautiful Hannah left behind her parents and two little brothers.

Thirdly, another supportive online friend Missy, whose son Ryan has been battling NB for a number of years.  Ryan relapsed last year and has been travelling to NYC for treatment like Nathan did.  Unfortunately Missy was diagnosed with cancer last year as well.  She had been doing well but has been discovered to have relapsed and is in the hospital.  She and Ryan and especially her husband and other children are having to undergo far more than a family ever should.

4 responses to “Prayer Requests

  1. Susan, I will join you in prayer. Reeda

  2. Sending good thoughts to all. Ryan/Missy’s story is, especially, heartbreaking.

  3. These families are in my thoughts and prayers. It’s so very sad that the hardship continues in these families.

  4. I will add them to my prayers!

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