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What I have been up to.

I have been posting here and there but not really about everyday life. I thought I’d share some things.


As I referred to in the previous post (also written today) Lauren is in a mom’s morning out program at a nearby church. It is from 9-1 every Monday and Wednesday. One of her best friends is in it too and she LOVES it. It is not just a daycare situation, it is a structured learning environment and it makes her feel like she is going to school. Since she wants to do everything that Julia gets to do she loves having her school.

I love her having school too! I have some free time to do things for myself. I run errands, go to the library, sit in a coffee shop, meet people for lunch, and have my thoughts to myself for a little while. It gives me free time for another venture which I will get to later in this post. I know that all too soon she will be in Kindergarten (2 years, 10 months) but I also know I will not regret having her in this program.


I was unable to commit to much over the years Nathan had cancer. My schedule was too unpredictable for that and all my energy was spent on his medical care. I am free from those things now and of course, I wish I weren’t.

On Wednesday mornings I am helping out in Julia’s classroom during the reading hour. It is fun to be in there and I love her teacher (who was Nathan’s teacher).

On Wednesday evenings I am helping out (not leading!) in Julia’s choir at church. This involves a lot of “babysitting” because there are kindegarteners in there who have been in school all day and are just plain done sitting and listening. Interestingly, I seem to end up with one or two kids on my laps and others leaning on me during the hour and a half. This is not interesting in that the kids want to, it is interesting because if you know me, you probably do not picture me with kids hanging off me. I am just not that kind of person. Why they gravitate to me for that is beyond me, but I actually enjoy it. They must see something that I don’t see.

The last half hour of the evening is in the gym, but not to play, to have devotions. That is VERY hard on these younger kids. I was initially to lead these kids with questions I was given. I quickly realized I was ill-equipped and asked for some help. Fortunately they have given the questions over a senior high leadership class so I am off the hook. I will just continue to wrestle with the kids to keep them sitting in the circle.

The other thing on my plate is a non-profit organization I am involved with. This organization exists to serve the families being treated at our local pediatric oncology office. The woman running this organization was going to dissolve it. A friend of mine, whose daughter also died of neuroblastoma, decided to take it over. She has gotten it transferred to her and changed the name to Nevaeh’s Wings. We are kind of rebuilding the organization from the ground up and are trying to keep it simple for now. One of the new things we are doing is holding support groups for the caregivers. We are having our third one tonight. We will also be reviving a photography program for the families and hopefully add a peer support group at some point. Perhaps a grief one later down the road.


Julia continues to attend group therapy through hospice twice a month. Luke and I attend a child loss grief group through hospice. We may not continue that for too long. It has been mostly parents who lost infants for 6 months now and the losses are soe different we are not getting very much out of it currently. Julia still loves hers – I have told her she will have to stop sometime…but I don’t know if that is true…I just don’t want her her to count on doing it indefinately if that is not possible.

4. CHOIR….

Still enjoying choir…Thursday nights. We do a big Christmas concert every year at the local symphony hall with a bell choir, big band, symphony, soloists and this year, ballet. We are starting to gear up for that.


Julia and Lauren are still in dance. I am not sure for how long they will continue but for now they both enjoy it. Lauren tells me she doesn’t want to go and then has a lot of fun. Last Friday she said’ “Ballet is one of my most favorite things, but I don’t feel like going today”. She is at the age where she really wants to be in charge of her own agenda….too bad!


We are now having dinner every Sunday evening with two other couples. It is wonderful to have a set time like this. Luke and I isolated our selves for years and it is nice to begin to get out of that.

My busy schedule leaves little time for attending playgroups. Several of us longtimers have kids in school and preschool now and so it is not as regualr as it used to be. I went to a playgroup this morning with only one other attendee, however it was was very good friend Myndi, so it was nice to catch up with her.

There is more stuff (I am not forgetting Luke) but I have run out of time. Thanks for reading. (there is another post below I wrote right before this one)

Out of the mouths of babes….

Lauren’s mom’s morning out program is at a baptist church.

After school yesterday she was trying to tell me all kinds of things about God and Jesus. Finally she said “Jesus is your most allegiant friend” I asked to her repeat it and that is what she said. I told her she was right. They say the pledge of allegiance every morning so I am sure that is where she got the word.

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