These are two of the things that Julia asked me to put up on her wall above her pillow.  She colored the cross in Sunday school for Nathan.

When I put them up I added this picture as well.

8 responses to “Letter

  1. Wow. Touching to say the least. I am crying! Poor sweet Julia. Love you guys…

  2. That’s so sweet. And the cross is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful — so visible how close the two of them were (and still are) and how much they mean to one another. You are always closely in our thoughts.love — Katie

  4. you “rok” too, julia! it’s amazing how she can go thru her feelings and then put them in writing and then share with you…

  5. That is beyond beautiful! Such a sweet girl. Nathan lives on in so many ways.

  6. Oh how my heart breaks for that beautiful little girl mourning the loss of her beloved big brother. What a beautiful picture to commemorate the sibling relationship between those 2 who always so clearly adored each other.Rita

  7. OMG the tears are flowing. So beautiful! I am glad she can talk or write about her feelings and their special bond that will never be broken. My heart breaks for all of you! (((HUGS)))

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