Luke has been gone all weekend camping with his brother, Josh.  I hope they haven’t frozen – it is a little cold here.  He did take the van so in an emergency, they could sleep it that.  I hope to hear from him later today.

I am feeling pretty good about making it through the weekend with the girls fairly sane.  I have several friends with deployed husband and husbands that travel almost 100% of the time so I have to acknowledge that I am a wimp.

The weekend included an impromptu invite to my house to a young couple being interviewed by my church and I am happy to say my house was clean enough to make that happen.  They were given my name as someone to help them get a feel for the neighborhoods and schools in town.  Luke and I have been working hard at keeping our house much neater and cleaner than in the past and so far it is working well and it was nice to see the positive outcome of doing so.

Last night was  a milestone for Lauren.  I have been talking to her about the bed in her room for a while and about how pretty soon she could start sleeping in that instead of her crib.  Last night after I rocked and read to her she got down and sat on the bed and said she just wanted to sit there for a minunte.  I told her that she could sleep in the bed if she wanted.  She said yes and I snuggled her in and she did great.  The crib will come down very soon.  That will be a bit sad.  It was down for about a year in between Julia and Lauren but this time it will be down for good.  It was nice not having to get her out of her crib this morning but I did meet her at the door as she was heading down the stairs just to check on her and so shortly thereafter she was calling me to feed her breakfast.

It also helped me get through the weekend knowing that this morning I would have four hours to myself.  Lauren is an a moms morning out program and this is her second day going (she started last Wednesday).  So – I am typing this from Panera, drinking coffee, by myself.  Ahh….

3 responses to “Monday

  1. Ohhh I so wish I could join you!!! We seriously need to get together soon. I thought about you this weekend, but figured it would have been too short of notice. 😦 Lets plan something soon, K?

  2. Hope you don’t mind another follower from the Cranmommy board! I think of you and your kids often. Congrats to Lauren on the big girl bed! Tricia (samsmama2005)

  3. Oh, lovely. I got to get away for about 45 minutes today, stopping at our church's new coffeehouse after dropping off G at martial arts for her lesson (M at kindergarten, B home with mom and dad) I was having my usual: chai (light on syrup, rest steamed milk), ham & cheddar criossant, and today splurged on a choc chip cookie to boot (ah, elevensies). Ironically, I ran into two other moms from church there, and in my anti-social mental state, i was disappointed that i spent my time chatting and bring around children and not just hunkered reading over my treat foods. : ) But, still! Once mom and dad go its back to the take out cups and playground. . . Blessed

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