Entertaining a 6 year old

How much is a mom supposed to entertain a 6 year old? She is moping around right now. So far today we went to a toy store to shop for a birthday party and then spent an hour an a half at the library where there was a 3rd birthday party going on for the branch was activities at food. She told me many times how much fun she was having and what a good day it was. We got home, had a late lunch and she played with Lauren and watched a movie. She then went to a birthday party for two hours and came home and had food (even though she ate at the party). Now she is sitting in the chair moping. I suppose part of it is that I denied her request to play a video game and she wants me to read a book but I can only see out of one eye right now (allergies) and the book is yellowed and type small.

It just frustrates me – I cannot provide entertainment 24/7. Even Lauren is entertaining herself – she is playing and talking to herself.

7 responses to “Entertaining a 6 year old

  1. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure there are lots of entertainment option in the house that she could choose, she’s just in a mood to be bored. I get that way too.

  2. I’d fathom a guess it’s more about wanting to control your actions than truly needing entertaining. It sounds like you gave her a wonderful day, if she chooses to mope around then so be it. That sounds mean doesn’t it? Btw…I’ve been entertaining myself with your new Picasa Web Photos. Some of those I’ve never seen. I love seeing Nate and Jules so young!

  3. OMG!! Megan drives me nuts because she truly doesn’t know how to entertain herself and needs a thrill constantly. So I totally understand.

  4. I usually end up being labeled the “bad mom” when I ask them to go and entertain themselves after asking them to turn the TV/Wii/computer/DS off. I do give them a time frame: “one hour for mom, then we can play” sorta thing, and that often works, not always though. I hate to see them sulk as well but hey, such is life. Oh, I also have a “surprise” box that is only taken out at emergency boredom attacks – a shoebox filled with magic etch pages stickers etc. That sometimes works as well.

  5. She sounds JUST like Maxx. I have often commented to Max that maybe we should just stay home and do NOTHING because I am sure he couldn’t complain and whine any more than he does when we keep him occupied! But we are good parents – or at least TRYING to be! – but getting them out into the world living an active lifestyle. At least that is what I keep telling myself… Myndi

  6. Must be a phase. I can easily see Eva (also 6) in the exact same situation. I can remember similarly packed days when we would stop for a few seconds and she would huffily exclaim: “We NEVER do anything fun!”Doesn’t go over well, ingratitute like that! And yes, I like making up words.

  7. Could her mood be a *function* of the big day? I often think a huge, entertaining day can lead to a small depression or fit of boredom shortly afterward.Just a thought.

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