…no pun intended

Luke and I have been having some allergy problems.  I decided we should deep clean our bedroom because it had been a while.

A long while….

So – I moved the couch and was unpleasantly surprised to find this document:

Mountain View Mortuary
General Price List
Children 7-13 Years

Yes – did you know that age affects funeral costs?  We just missed the 6 year cut off by a month…

What a crappy document.  No parent should ever have to seriously read this damn thing.

Anyway – here is page one if you are curious…no room for denial when you read the line items. (click to make bigger)

4 responses to “Unearthed….

  1. I am so sorry that you had to find this hurtful, cold piece of paper, and I can understand why it was left where it was. Who can face dealing with such details when the bereavement is so new? Here is an area where you could make a difference, if you were so moved: let these folks know how to improve that document.There must be a wide range of quality in that industry, as there is in others. The funeral home that helped us was recommended by hospice, and they were as good as they could be. I can still recall sitting at our dining table with the owner and my husband, looking at photos of caskets and going over the necessary details. Those moments are really printed on the memory. I hope your allergy symptoms go away, and that your heart is comforted.

  2. You and Nathan have been on my mind so much lately. I don’t know why – but you have been very close to my thoughts.Wow – what an awful thing to have to see. I mean geez – I understand, there may be different needs at different ages, but it could be small type in the bottom corner.

  3. Man, that just makes me sick to my stomach. Thinking about you guys all the time.

  4. Awww… that’s a rough one! I remember seeing those documents when we were dealing with things and it just about makes a momma want to throw up. I am just so sorry you had to find that.

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