Heavy heart

I found out earlier this week that Nathan’s oncologist has been forced to resign by his partner due to a medical condition. This was very upsetting to me. I admire, like and respect him so very much. I immediately suspected why and when I got home I googled the symptoms I had been starting to see near the end of Nathan’s treatment – hand tremors and shuffling gait. I found out today that I was right and that he has Parkinson’s disease.

I am just sick about this for many reasons. He was a wonderful doctor to Nathan. He always spoke to Nathan in a way that made Nathan feel informed and included about medical issues. He teased Nathan in just the right way to bring smiles. He ALWAYS put Nathan’s well-being first. Every medical decision that was made was considered first in light of how it would affect Nathan, as a child, not just as a patient. He was always willing to take as much time as I needed to answer my questions. When explaining medical things to me – he would err on the side of being too techinical with me rather than answer my questions too simply. He never showed frustration or annoyance with my many questions as an intellgent, googling lay-person. I am so upset that future cancer kids and parents will no longer benefit from his excellent care.

I can’t begin to imagine how he is feeling right now. I hope his being forced out was really necessary and not politics or greediness on the part of the practice. I don’t know how old he is – I do know he has one child in college and the other in high school. He is not an old man and he was not ready for retirement.

I am going to write him a note. I am not sure exactly what I am going to say but I hope I will be able to convey my deep gratitude and respect for him as and doctor and as a person.

4 responses to “Heavy heart

  1. Oh Susan. That’s awful. I’m so sorry about this situation for this wonderful doctor you describe. I’m so glad that he got to be Nathan’s doctor. He sounds just like what a doctor should be in any area of medicine.

  2. Susan,I don’t think I’m overpromising, if I say we couldn’t have a better advocate for Childhood Cancer than Chet in the White House. I have a post ready if he is announced. You are very astute.VB

  3. This is very sad. I feel for him, because that is a frightening diagnosis, and his forced retirement means the loss of the mature talents of an experienced and gifted doctor. I am so very sorry for your community, but also for him and his family, that they have to face this awful illness. My hope is that people like you, who deeply value him as a person and as a doctor, will rally and give him the support and love that he needs. Your card will be greatly appreciated, I’m sure. God bless you and your doctor, and his family.

  4. I met him once, briefly, I think. I heard him talk to Nathan. I’d be happy to send him note of thanks, as well. I’m sure the whole family would. Perhaps the Nathan Network, in general, if you thought it was a good idea.

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