22 responses to “Results

  1. You look lovely Susan! You have beautiful hair and it looks so healthy even long. But your new haircut is wonderful. Love the pic of you and your girl. :)Rita

  2. Wow, your hair looks great!

  3. very great look for you! Congragts

  4. I like it! What do you think of it?Beth

  5. WOW, your hair looks great!! Love it!

  6. Super-cute new do. I hope you are happy with it!

  7. My favorite! Yes, you had lovely locks before, and it is fun to have ultra long hair (to a point), but you look smashing. : )love,lisa

  8. You and your hair looks wonderful.

  9. Looks lovely!! 😉

  10. Susan! I love your hair!

  11. I like it! It looks SASSY!

  12. Lookin’ good! I have the same cut myself. 😉

  13. Oh I love it! I believe its about the same length it was when I met you. 😉 Hope you are enjoying your new do!

  14. Gorgeous and Healthy! THat’s yoU!

  15. WOW!!!!Fantastic! Bobby, not the liver

  16. Good look. You made the right choice.

  17. I love your new haircut!!! Enjoy the lighter weight 😉

  18. Beautiful! As if you need a stranger to affirm what you and Luke already know.VB

  19. Late comment but the haircut looks terrific!!

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