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Big Big Big Loader

A few years ago our neighbors gave Nathan a toy called Big Loader. We so thoroughly enjoyed it we got him Big Big Loader later on and hooked them together to create the Big Big Big Loader. I got it out on a whim and I have to say I enjoy it at least as much if not more than the kids.

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I posted two summers ago about possibly having to get rid of my first car and hoping I didn’t have to yet.

Well, since then it has started driving badly, especially in cold weather. It is 14 years old and is falling apart in other ways too. It got to the point where I avoided driving it.

Yesterday, we finally replaced it with this:

We were looking for something small, but not too small for Luke to fit in (he is 6’4″). We were also looking for something used with low-mileage. The PT Cruiser kept coming up in my searches so we went to drive one yesterday and came home with it. A local dealership was selling new 2007 PT Cruisers for less than the used ones I had been eying. I have no clue why they had new 2007’s hanging around still. They were all silver and manual transmissions so maybe no one wanted them. Luke is thrilled to have a stick. I have to relearn to drive one.

I am not sure we will get 14 years out of this one – I told Julia I plan on having her learn to drive on it in 10 years though. My favorite feature is the aux jack on the radio for the iPod.

Luke noticed that the Barbie Car Julia picked up at a garage sale this weekend is actually a PT Cruiser. So the Barbies are riding in style too – but they have a purple one with a sunroof. So we still have a purple car I guess.

Mean Mom

We went to Kansas City last weekend which is quite a hike for a weekend. So, today the girls and I have been laying low. They played around the house, Julia played a little bit on the wii and then they played outside until lunch and for a little while afterwards. Lauren took a nap and I let Julia play the wii for another HOUR.

Then she proceeded to follow me around while I did my things pouting and sighing until I told her to go find something to do or clean her room. Then I told her I really meant it and she went off and painted.

We have a lot of travel planned for the summer and I guess it is good because she gets bored very easily. Maybe I will just let her keep her room messy so I can pull that one out every day at naptime.