Thanks for the messages for Nathan’s Birthday (here and also on his caringbridge page).

We have had a good day. Julia’s friend Brady is here with us for a few days and that is a good thing for her. We all went to the beach this morning and for a bike ride to Harbor Town to get ice cream this afternoon. At the harbor there was a barge with some large cranes working on something (this is not a working harbor – just a luxury boat kind of harbor) so it was unusual to see something like that. He would have enjoyed it and I was glad to see them there today.

I wonder how old Nathan is in heaven? His soul was always WAY older than his years and all he ever wanted to get older and become a grown up. I imagine if his body and new life reflects his soul he is a loving, handsome man doing all kinds of interesting and important things in heaven.

4 responses to “Birthday

  1. I’ve been thinking of Nathan and his birthday today. I hope you have been filled with warm memories and more smiles than tears. Happy Birthday to Nathan.Beth

  2. You are certainly right. Heaven is certainly blessed with Nathan’s presence. You have been in our thoughts all day. I woke up at 4 and couldn’t sleep. At 5 I got up and watched Nathan’s slideshow on caringbridge. It is so full of smiles and activities. He was blessed to have you and Luke caring for him here on earth. We love you, Kathy

  3. (((HUGS)))I’ve been thinking about you all today.xoxoxo

  4. Sending love from all of us to you.

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