As many of you know, Nathan loved trucks. He was very interested and knowledgeable about what each type of truck could do. He loved to watch videos that explained how things worked. He had videos about all kinds of vehicles and also about farming, building houses and roads etc.

All his books and videos still sit around the house. Julia would watch them with him at times but has no interest of her own. I have thought about donating them to the cancer clinic.

I am glad I have not because it seems Lauren is interested in them. She will go pick out a book or movie and really enjoys them. She will see trucks and trains while we are out and about and comment about them. We saw a truck with lumber today and she asked what was in the truck and so I told her lumber and that lumber was wood. She said, “oh, that is the wood for building houses!” and then went on about using wood to build houses and them people could live in them, etc. She hasn’t yet watched Nathan’s building a house video so I promised to show that to her soon. It could be a passing phase but for now it makes me so happy to continue to be able to enjoy these books and movies and have conversations about how things work with one of my children.

p.s. don’t miss the post right below this one – I posted twice today

2 responses to “Trucks

  1. The reason we have so many Bob the Builder and Thomas character ANYTHING is because of ~G~. She was so, so into BTB that a little plastic Roley was her lovey for a good 9 months. She still wears her Thomas shirts and backpacks. I am glad you kept them.

  2. I am glad you held onto them and now Lauren has taken a fancy to them. 🙂 I am sure in some way it will help her stay close to Nathan. (((HUGS)))

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