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Thanks for everyone’s help. I have determined that I got the photos for the few days we were home in mid-September and scanned it. It is probably on my old computer. No idea where the hard copy is yet – I have looked some more but really have exhausted all the places it could be in this house and crawlspace. As for the photographer – it is LifeTouch. All the schools here use them and they are national. There is no way they will be able to find it without a reference number and even so, it has been more than a year so I doubt they keep them that long. I will check with his first grade teacher.

As for the old computer – It crashes when I boot it – the hard drive does spin and then starts to load windows and then I get a brief blue screen of death and it reboots. When I boot it using a windows recovery disk it sees the hard drive but sees it as empty and wants to repair windows on it so I don’t do that for fear there is data there and it would just overwrite. Sounds bad though. I am looking for a laptop/desktop IDE cable but I might have to order one. I don’t think there is much chance that there is any data left on there but I may be able to hook it up to my desktop and see if I can access it. That would be the end of the line for my expertise. I have heard about physically taking apart the hard drive to get the platter and moving it to a new enclosure but I know that is way beyond me.

6 responses to “More on missing

  1. I’m glad that you have a couple of ideas to start with. Hooray for putting several heads together. I hope you have a beautiful day and weekend. Blessings to you.

  2. Max should be able to take the hard drive apart and stuff… I also know that there are some people at his work that are BIG computer geeks that could help too. Let me know if it gets to that point and we’ll help you out! Hope you have a good weekend with the nice weather and all. TTYS! – Myndi

  3. At our school, Lifetouch provides a roll of photos (one of each child in each class). They are usually in their permant file as an i.d. of the student. Maybe yours did that? Hope so!

  4. I was going to suggest the permanent file too. At our school they have a picture from every year in the file. I was surprised to see that when I had a team meeting to discuss Muffin Man’s 504 plan.

  5. Hey, I talked to Max and he really CAN help you if it comes down to taking apart the computer and getting the hard drive out. He said the guys at his work could handle it if he couldn’t. Just so ya know! Hope you’re having a good weekend! – Myndi

  6. Call Lifetouch! They can look him up by name and you can order directly from them. I have done this the last two years to get Weston’s school picture. I’ve only had to give them his name and school. They were able to find it based on his name.

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