I cannot find Nathan’s first grade school picture! Picture day happened to be on of the five days he made it to school the first semester. After that we were off to NYC. I have no memory of how we got the pictures and if they were sent to NYC or waiting at home in December. Both Luke and I have a clear memory of seeing the pictures and what he was wearing and the background color. So – we have had them. I think I may have scanned them or took a picture of them but there is no file anywhere. I did break my computer in NYC and lost some data so maybe they were there – but the hard copies should still be in this house. I had gone through files and pictures and I have a new desk so really there aren’t many places for them to be.

I am frustrated. It isn’t a great picture but pictures are all I have left.

(edited to add…there was a yearbook – we didn’t get it but I am hoping if all else I can borrow a copy and it may have very small picture I can scan (hopefully color))

p.s. if anyone has any expertise with retrieving data off a laptop hard drive that is compromised – please let me know. I am fairly resourceful and have tried all the common tricks of the trade. It just won’t boot – I definitely damaged the drive when I beat on it.

8 responses to “Missing

  1. Hmmm…I am searching my memory bank. I know we got Julia’s done at preschool that year when I had her and they were supposed to hold them for you until you got back. Did you ever get those? Maybe his are with hers? I will ask Larry about the hard drive question.

  2. There are professional firms that can recover data – I’ll ask some IT friends. Also, there is a chance the school or the photographer kept digital copies in their archives, you should ask them, too. Maybe your Gentry site has them uploaded? Sorry…

  3. Talk to the school and find out who took the photographs. There is a possibility the company could still have a copy. This breaks my heart and I pray you find it. You have lost way too much already, and any picture of Nathan is precious.Rita

  4. Also talk to the teacher he had last year. Many teachers have the pictures from previous years.

  5. You have my sympathy, as you know. Our stuff is still “hither and yon,” and we moved home from the hospital/Ronald McDonald House a year ago! The photos will turn up, I believe…but stressing about it did not help me today. I am going to trust that if we wait, it will occur to us gently, or someone will come forward with a copy. Do you know the name of the photo company that took the school pictures? The school should have a record of that. I wonder if they have archives; maybe you can contact them with the date, his name, school and teacher, and they can look.God bless you!

  6. John is pretty darn good at getting data off drives. Does it still spin at all.

  7. I would check with the school to see if the teacher has a copy. The teachers at our school usually get extra copies to use for projects, etc.

  8. I bet you can get it from the photographer, fingers crossed.

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