Monthly Archives: February 2008

#%$^ Caucus!

I am truly annoyed by the whole Caucus thing. How many more people could cast their vote if it were a primary?

Anyone who has to work at 7:00 pm – sorry!
Your child has an activity – either vote or make the kid miss this week
Then there is us – we have two small children. We have three choices

1. Get a babysitter and pay them so we can vote!
2. One of us votes the other stays home.
3. Bring a 2 year old and 6 year old to the caucus. The El Paso County Democratic office told me I should not bring them. She said they will have to be quiet for an hour and a half. I asked if I could legally bring them and she said yes but that I shouldn’t if they are under the age of nine.

Wonderful! Really promotes getting voters out there!

So – most likely I am going to go to the caucus and Luke will stay home.



Keep Breathing

This video was created by Mark Dungan (fellow NB parent and advocate extraordinaire) for the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.

It is very nicely done and I hope a lot of people see it and start to understand the dire need of funding for childhood cancer research.

Nathan is in it twice – once in the middle playing in sprinklers (with hair) and once towards the end getting a hug and kiss (along with Julia) from Luke (without hair)