Instead of a by a two year old and a six year old – this is what I awoke to this morning. I am in Tucson visiting my aunt by myself for several days.

6 responses to “Morning

  1. The Sonoran desert is beautiful. It is so wonderfully full of life. There are a number of roads I drive on that lead me right through it and it strikes me even then, not to mention when we intentionally hike around in it.

  2. Beautiful! I hope you are having, and continue to have a great trip and get some R&R!

  3. Beautiful! Enjoy your “me” time Susan! You deserve it!

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL! How funny, you are in the town where my friend Keesha from the Chiari malformation blog lives. She’s married to a state trooper there in Tuscon.I don’t know if you have ever looked in on her blog, but I just think it’s such a small world. It’s facinating to me that you played in that castle when you were young. We also enjoyed the dance videos. Sharon and I didn’t have any kids together, so we love reading about and watching videos of our blogfriend’s kids.

  5. Hi Susan! I didn’t know you were coming to Tucson! How long will you be here? I live about an hour and 20 minutes away – depending on where you are. Email me and maybe we can meet for lunch if you’d like!Natalie

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