Blah Blah

Lauren can talk very well for a two year old and she tries to talk just like Julia, who is six. So – when she has something she doesn’t say right it can be very cute.

She has a book of nursery rhymes. When she asks for it she says “I want Blah Blah Black Sheep”. I haven’t had the heart to tell her it is “Baa Baa” because it is so dang cute.

One response to “Blah Blah

  1. Too cute! I admit to not telling Caitlin she was wrong in wanting to go see the “Aminals at the zoo” until she was almost 4 and I was worried she’d get teased in pre-k! Brady used to ask for her milk from the “flijilator”. I still smile when I think of Nathan referring to Julia as a “little grill”.

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