I just bought a new scanner – I have been keeping my eye out for one that will scan medium format negatives because we purchased the negatives from our wedding and I have been wanting to convert them to digital files. I found one that was actually reasonably priced and have just started scanning the negatives as they take quite a while with the dust removal setting. It scans photos very quickly and well and so I have had fun scanning in some oldies. I thought I’d share a few:

Me and the Boilermaker Special

Playing the cello when I was five

I think I was 12 or so in the picture – scary

Me at fourteen or so …..hmm – what 80’s group did I like?

The full display

7 responses to “Photos

  1. Quite an assortment. I think the one with the cello is my favorite.Jealous of the film scanner.

  2. take on meeeeee! i loved a-ha! (this is zeynep, i just can’t seem to log onto my blogger acct! and for some reason caps don’t work?)

  3. Agreed. The cello one is my favorite as well.

  4. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them.When I saw the “I love Ah ha” banner I laughed so hard. I had one of those printed out from my computer too (only it had my name and unicorns on it!)

  5. Dude. You printed an “I love A-Ha” banner with a dot matrix printer?Seriously. You are totally dating yourself!!! I love it!!!- Said by the woman who is, begrudgingly, turning 30 this year.xoxoxo (Kate)

  6. Sweet pic with a cello… fast forward to a teenager enraptured by AHa. And proof of the rotting effect of rock music (JK): a teenager who cannot remember her own name, and needs it spelled out for her in giant yellow letters!

  7. I had to LOL for the previous post about the dot-matrix printed poster. Imagine what our MySpace pages would look like if we had them then… I refuse to claim any responsibility for instigating any A-HA worship! 😉

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