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Too cute!

I truly cannot remember seeing anything cuter than Lauren in dance class with other little girls.

She was definitely the youngest and smallest but did really well! The barre is way to high for her though.

I didn’t take any pictures in class but I will share one taken at home and a little video of her doing Julia’s tap routine and then coming to ask me a question.

Loved ones

I love to see these pictures of Nathan with his great-grandpa because he is Nathan’s only relative that he met who is also dead. I hope they are together right now.

My heart is heavy these last few days because someone I love has been (pending biopsy but pretty conclusively) diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Cancer sucks.

Baby ballet

Lauren is due to start baby ballet/tap on Friday. She loves Julia’s class and will try her best to dance along. Now that she is two she can start her own class.

I signed her up in December but without detail. I was surprised to see this class performing at the recital – in ballet and tap!

I asked a mom yesterday whose daughter had been in the baby class and, yes, they do ballet and tap and wear the costumes and all that.

Now – with Lauren being so tiny she is wearing a size 5 toddler shoe. I found her stretchy ballet slippers at target in a size 6-10 and a leotard in size 2-3 (she wears 18-24 month). We’ll see if those fit. Now I realize she will be doing tap too! I called around and I can get her tiny tap shoes but I can’t decide if I should. It seems pretty extravagant for a 2 year old but I am tempted. It just won’t be the same in church shoes.

Yes – I will provide photos at some point.

Oh – and I am not seeing how she will wear her hair in a bun in May!

Birthday Party frustration

Julia is having a birthday party and wants to invite all the girls in her class. Unfortunately, the school has not published a directory this year and you are forbidden from handing invitations out at school. I received a list of names from her teacher but that is all. She suggested I talk to the moms before or after school. Julia rides the bus and I have no clue whose mom is who and there are other kids who ride the bus.

I guess I will go over to the school in the morning and try to slip invites to the parents of the girls Julia points out to me – I can’t think of another way. I’m not really comfortable with that because there could be a boy next in line and he might see and get his feelings hurt. I’d love to obey the rule but with last names like Evans and Williams there is no way I can figure out addresses – even with a property record search.

phone call

Last night at dinner we had a conversation with Julia about the school bus and how some parents don’t put their kids on the bus. We talked about why she liked the bus and why we thought it was good that she take the bus.

So – today I got a phone call. I was at Target and it was 10:30 – almost 2 and a half hours since Luke put Julia on the bus this morning.

Secretary, “I was just wondering if you have Julia at home today”
Me “Uh – no – I put her on the bus this morning”
Secretary “Who is her teacher”
Me “Mrs. Teacher”
Secretary, ” Let me go check”
Commence 120 seconds of scenarios in my head of Julia getting snatched after she got off the bus or otherwise wandering off and two+ hours have passed since this has happened
Secretary, “She’s here – her teacher doesn’t know why she got marked as absent”
Me “Ohhh Kayyy, that’s good! – nervous laughter”

Didn’t really need that scare today.


We are having a relaxing new year’s day. We spent last night watching Harry Potter, drinking hospitality punch and eating way too many sausage balls. We were awake(ish) as late as 11:52 but decided to go to sleep. Neither of us were feeling all that celebratory about the new year.

Today we have been lounging around. We watched a little Rose Parade and played the wii. I made a ham for lunch since I was not home for either holiday and felt the urge to make a holiday meal. We are in our orange and blue and are getting ready to watch Illinois in the Rose Bowl.

Someone from a grief board said that a friend told them “Have a New Year” as a replacement for Happy New Year. That’s what a plan – a new year – I couldn’t say if it will be happy or not or what I really wish for it – just to survive it for now.

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