Customer Service Technical help

I was just trying to log on to my credit card rewards website. I was having trouble logging in and it wouldn’t even let me use the password retrieval system so I call the number on the screen.

In the past I have had trouble using this site in Firefox and so I have it open with IE tab to emulate internet explorer. Knowing this problem I was able to decipher her strange question.

Her “Are you using Yahoo?”

Me “what?”

Her ” Are you using Yahoo or Google”

Me ” Do you mean Firefox??”

Her “Which program are you using, Yahoo or Google?”

Me “Do you mean Internet Explorer or Firefox?”

Her “Yes – are you using Internet Explorer”

Me ” Yes” …thinking – OK – not even going to explain about IE tab.

Scary to think she equates Yahoo and Google to web browsers and she is trying to provide support.

In the end she could not fix my problem and I had to practically beg her to just let me call back next week (hoping someone who knows something will be working)


One response to “Customer Service Technical help

  1. Being a software engineer by training, I often find it horrendously painful when I know more than the technical support person.

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