Birthday invites update

I totally forgot to update about the birthday party invitation situation so here it is.

I called the mother of a child whose birthday party invitation Julia had received a few months ago and asked her how she got the names. I didn’t recall how we happened to receive this invitation. I don’t know the mother other than meeting her briefly at the party.

She told me she helps out on Tuesdays and snuck her invitations in the backpacks. She then offered to do the same but I initially turned her down and said I didn’t want her to have to do that for me and I had a few more avenues to check.

I called her back the next morning and accepted. I could tell she was not overly happy about it and probably wished she hadn’t offered. I told her not to worry if there didn’t end up being an opportunity.

Julia came home from school without the invitations so that was a big relief. I sent the mother a thank you note and explained that it was a big deal this year that Julia get to have her friends come since it was the first party without her brother and bound to be difficult for her. Hopefully that makes her feel better.

Julia is trying to recreate a party that Nathan had and got really upset when she found out her party would be in the other room of the two available at this place. I am about to call to see if we can move it….. She thinks that she will feel closer to Nathan by doing this.

3 responses to “Birthday invites update

  1. Good luck getting the room, and bless the other Mom who is helping you with the invites.

  2. Pump It Up? I remember that party well…Nathan looked so small in that huge chair! I hope you are able to make the change and that Juila has a perfectly wonderful day!

  3. I hope they understand and give you the room you want. How heartbreaking! I am glad she was able to help and I bet the note will make her feel better about it. (((HUGS)))

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