Too cute!

I truly cannot remember seeing anything cuter than Lauren in dance class with other little girls.

She was definitely the youngest and smallest but did really well! The barre is way to high for her though.

I didn’t take any pictures in class but I will share one taken at home and a little video of her doing Julia’s tap routine and then coming to ask me a question.

8 responses to “Too cute!

  1. She’s adorable! Seems to love the tap shoes as well 🙂

  2. She looks so precious–and so much older with her hair pulled back. What has happened since Christmas? I hope class was fun for her and she is anxious to go back. Love to all, Kathy

  3. WOW, she is SOOOO cute!!!! And she never talks when around us strangers… its cute to hear how perfectly she speaks as well! 😉 – Myndi

  4. oh my goodness! She is such a little pixie.

  5. Oh how adorable! She is just too cute Susan.

  6. She is just beyond words adorable!!!!

  7. How can you ever resist anything she asks?

  8. Oh, she’s just adorable. 🙂

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