Loved ones

I love to see these pictures of Nathan with his great-grandpa because he is Nathan’s only relative that he met who is also dead. I hope they are together right now.

My heart is heavy these last few days because someone I love has been (pending biopsy but pretty conclusively) diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Cancer sucks.

6 responses to “Loved ones

  1. I agree Cancer Sucks. Praying for you tonight.

  2. That top heart stabbed me in the heart, for a very different reason. That reminds me so hard of my Grandfather. Same smile, same chair, same lamp. I would have given anything to have pictures of him like that with my kids. I am beyond certain that if he can, he’s totally hanging out with Nathan right now. I believe it. I am so sorry for your most recent cancer news.

  3. Aw, I am sorry Susan. I am thinking of you as always. ((HUGS))

  4. Tons of thoughts for you and your loved one. I agree too, Cancer SUCKS!

  5. I’m so sorry Susan, cancer does suck. =(

  6. Beautiful Memories. I am certain that grandpa is keeping close to Nathan. I am sure its hard, I have not looked at pictures in a long time for fear of breaking down. I pray that the news is better than expected. Many ((Hugs))

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