Birthday Party frustration

Julia is having a birthday party and wants to invite all the girls in her class. Unfortunately, the school has not published a directory this year and you are forbidden from handing invitations out at school. I received a list of names from her teacher but that is all. She suggested I talk to the moms before or after school. Julia rides the bus and I have no clue whose mom is who and there are other kids who ride the bus.

I guess I will go over to the school in the morning and try to slip invites to the parents of the girls Julia points out to me – I can’t think of another way. I’m not really comfortable with that because there could be a boy next in line and he might see and get his feelings hurt. I’d love to obey the rule but with last names like Evans and Williams there is no way I can figure out addresses – even with a property record search.

10 responses to “Birthday Party frustration

  1. UGH that sucks! Doesn’t Julia (and the kids in her class) have a communication folder that she takes home each day? Couldn’t the teacher slip the invites in that way? Of course that’d be asking some effort from her teacher, but it’d be best for the kids. I know Maxx was not invited to a few parties last year and was really bummed about it. This year (different school) the teacher just hands them out in the folders they take home. HTH and if not, GOOD LUCK! – Myndi

  2. That’s how they did it at Brady’s school too. We gave them to the teacher and she discreetly put them in the “Thursday Folders” to the parents we got weekly.

  3. I gave my daughter a spiral notebook one of the little bitty ones that fit in a shirt pocket. Had her get phone numbers from each of the friends then I called the mothers and told them the game plan and asked for addresses. Granted at the time my daughter was 3rd grade but I think most Kindergarderners know their phone numbers.Just a suggestion.

  4. Could the teacher or the office give you a class phone list? Is there a room mom who might have a class list with phone numbers – and maybe even addresses?Generally, I’ve found the phone numbers are easier to track down than the addresses.Good Luck!Beth

  5. We had Kate collect phone numbers as well.

  6. I hate this over-protection. I just checked a US Dept. of Justice study from 2002: 115 children were abducted by strangers that year. That year, the US Census Bureau reports there were almost 61 Million children under the age of 14. So that math tells me that each of our children has a 0.00019% chance of being abducted in any particular year.I must also theorize that easy access to home address information didn’t contribute much to that 0.00019%.We are protecting our children against nothing, at the expense of a fair amount of annoyance.

  7. Uggg!! Our directory saved me this time around but other Moms have sent invitations as others have suggested, in the daily folder for the teacher.I hope it all sorts out. 😉

  8. The problem might be solved – I’ll update later – thanks for all the ideas if I am still working on it I will take you up on some of them.

  9. Ugh- that’s too bad for Julia. I hope you got the invitation dilemma figured out. At my school we let kids hand out their own invitations but not on class time, but we’re talking fifth-graders here. I don’t feel right handling things like party invitations but I know it’s important for kids to have a way to distribute these things!

  10. Have you found a solution yet (I can’t remember when Julia’s bday is)? We had this same problem with Taylor. Her teacher wasn’t allowed to put invites in folders and Taylor also rides the PM bus and most parents just drop kids off and leave in the morning so I’d never see them then either. What I ended up doing was going in to her class when the kids were at art and put the invites myself into their folders. I like the phone number idea though. It’s a shame they can’t publish a directory. You’d like to be able to contact people without other kids knowing (like if someone overheard Julia asking for another’s phone number but not theirs). Good luck!Natalie

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