Lauren update

I took Lauren to the cardiologist today. It was a little nerve-wracking because after the cardiologist listened to her for a while he told me he wanted to do an echocardiogram. So – they did that (and Lauren was SO good – not a peep out of her) and the results are that she has a very loud “functional murmur”. It is just the way she is built I guess. He is not concerned but wants to see her in three years as a follow up. That is a big relief.

After the cardiologist – we went over to our local IRS office. I got a letter yesterday telling me that I MUST have put in the wrong social security number for Nathan because someone else used it too. The letter told me to check the number and refile. It didn’t tell me what to do if the number was right! So – I gathered up his social security card and death certificate and headed over. I was told that they will give it six weeks and if the other person hasn’t filed an audit will take place and at that point I can give them my paperwork. It is really frustrating to think I have to prove he was my son and I had the right to file with him as my dependent. Perhaps someone else just made a typo and will correct their return and I will not hear anything else about this.

I am off soon to take Julia to her grief group and entertain Lauren. After that I have a 3 hour choir rehearsal. I hope I can make it until 10:00! I usually attend the parent group that meets while the kids are having their time. I have kind of been hating it lately because I just feel wrung out and crappy when it is over. It is nice to have some excuses not to do it tonight. I was certainly not going to have a grief session and then go sing for three hours and now it turns out that Lauren will be with me anyway.

4 responses to “Lauren update

  1. I am very glad to hear about Lauren’s news.I hope you’re right about the ssn. People can be so crappy.

  2. I hope the ssn is just a mistake too. Fingers crossed.

  3. I’m so sorry about the ssn. What a drag. On the other hand , the wee one is breathtakingly cute. I am glad that you can breath a sigh of relief with her, because I think that God should definately give you and Luke a “I’ll never break your heart like that again” waiver. I wanted to say that before, but i didn’t want to sound sac religious. Reading your blog reminds me of a time when I had much less faith in God, and would use situations like yours to blame Him. But I know better now, and have strong faith because of my friend and loved one Ardis, and through her death, have gained a new life with a new faith. May god bless little Lauren, and you all this Christmas.

  4. I’m sorry about SSN but glad to hear about Lauren. =)

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