Little Lauren

I took Lauren to the doctor today for her two year old check-up. She is the weight of the average TEN month old girl! 21 pounds. Her height is around 50th percentile. Her weight is listed as 1% because I guess 0% is not an option. Her doctor is not concerned because her growth curve looks good – it is just off the charts. She was 19 pounds at 18 months so she has gained 2 pounds in 6 months and is about and inch and a half taller (she is 33.5 inches). Her head is very small – that is in line with both Nathan and Julia as babies and toddlers. There is no concern about her head – she is speaking in complete sentences and has amazing comprehension. It’s funny – because when you look at her body it seems normal in proportion but that is normal for an older child. She has none of the chub that toddlers are supposed to have.

We talked about how pale she is and that it is probably just genetics but we did a quick toe poke to check her hemoglobin. It was just fine at 12.3.

Finally – a listen to the chest brought new news. Lauren has a heart murmur. Most likely nothing to be concerned about but “because she is a Gentry” the doctor (her words) wants a pediatric cardiologist to listen to it. We already have a pediatric cardiologist thanks to Nathan’s chemo and Julia’s Kawasaki’s disease. So – Lauren gets to join the fray. Why not!

I am trying not to worry about it. I have known plenty of kids with harmless murmurs. Even if it is a little more than that – I can handle anything short of a deadly disease. There is no exemption for the other children once you lose one child. There ought to be.

5 responses to “Little Lauren

  1. I agree totally. I’ll pray for yours.

  2. I agree ONE PER FAMILY should be the liimit. I’m praying for y’all. She is a cutey.

  3. She is growing so lovely. I hope all is well! I’ll add her to my prayers. 😉

  4. I wholeheartedly agree that one should be the limit. I hope that everything is ok. Sending tons of PT’s your way. HUGS

  5. I vote for an exemption.Didn’t Luke have a murmur that went away with age?

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