In my previous post I mentioned we had to have birthday cake for breakfast on Friday. The reason for that is we had to go to Denver right after school so we could spend the night and get on a plane early Saturday morning.

This is how we spent this morning…..

We are in Hilton Head Island, SC, spending Thanksgiving at my parent’s house.
I hope all of you have a Hapy Thanksgiving as well!

6 responses to “Ahhhhh

  1. Oh how wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Susan!

  2. Very cool! I hope you have excellent weather, a wonderful visit your parents, and delicious turkey!

  3. Looks like you will have fun! Enjoy!

  4. How very cool! Sharon’s sister lives on Hilton head. Sharon went there in 01. I hope your family enjoyed the beach. It is 25 above zero here in Denver! W w w w wwe’re ffffreezingggggg.

  5. So since you can build a Snow Man any winter did you build a Sand Man?Looks like a GREAT place to spend Thanksgiving.

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