At rest

We have now interred Nathan’s remains at the columbarium.

Luke wanted to go be there when they put them in and so I decided to bring Lauren and go as well. I didn’t really want to but I also felt compelled to go.

It it a gorgeous fall day with temperatures in the low 70’s. The ground at the cemetary was covered with leaves and Lauren had fun crunching around in them.

We followed the cemetery manager (Luke tells me that is his title) to the columbarium and they had a little pedestal and a fake green/grass carpet thingy on the cement in front of Nathan’s niche. That kind of made me cringe but I guess I should have expected that with it being a cemetery and all. I have to remind myself that most people like that kind of stuff – it was just that we were kind of trying to avoid it ourselves.

The drawer was open and the door was propped up on an easel. We looked at it for a moment and then the manager handed Luke the container and he put it in the drawer. We asked him to have it closed so we could take pictures of it and so he called someone over who closed it up and he went on his way.

We took some pictures and wandered over to the nearby stone chapel. Lauren picked up leaves.

After that, we went back home. We will talk to Julia, explain all the stuff (cremation etc) and take her over there sometime soon.

8 responses to “At rest

  1. I looks very beautiful. I hope that your days are as full of peace as they can be.

  2. It looks like a lovely and peaceful spot. All our love,Beth

  3. What a beautiful place! I know this is hard. I think of you often as I pedal through my grief too. ((HUGS))Chrissy

  4. This area does look like a truly lovely spot — pretty and dignified. You are all in my thoughts very often and I pray that you are able to find moments of joy amidst the pain and grief. much love and peace, Katie

  5. Is that a leaf stuck to Lauren’s forhead? Looks like a lovely day for a not so great task.Thanking God that we know that what made Nathan NATHAN is in heaven walking and talking (and asking questions I’m sure) with Jesus!Still praying for you during your journey!

  6. It looks very peaceful! Is that at Evergreen?

  7. I got here by accident. Childhood cancer sucks, by the way – my dear dear dear boy is away too, medulloblastoma. This seems a lovely place; place matters, I think. We all walk rooted to the ground, it gives us life, it holds our ancestors, water flows through it and becomes pure. And nathan, and my gordie, would laugh their heads off to hear such a thing from a grown-up, eh? “read the Lego instructions and get me a glass of milk” and yes, Spring matters a lot, the earth is rich and brown, sleep is the very best medicine. Good night, all.Gordie’s mom

  8. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to get caught up but I just had to comment on this one, Susan. What a beautiful resting place for his rememberance. And it looks like Lauren really enjoyed those leaves (My how she has grown since I saw her last!!!) Praying for all of you! Hugs, my friend.

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