This was Nathan’s Halloween costume when he was 16 months old. When Julia was 21 months old, we were in Denver following Nathan’s transplant. We were given the green light to return home on Halloween. After the rush to pack and come home I could not find the costume I had purchased for Julia. I rummaged in the crawl space and came back with Nathan’s superman
costume and she wore it. As it turned out – it totally fit her personality. I have been waiting to put Lauren in it and the opportunity arose today. It is enormous on her – she is very petite!




4 responses to “Superkids

  1. Well, those are indeed some super kids.

  2. How absolutely adorable! All of them! Collin had that costume too.

  3. Look at all those cheeks!We have a Thomas costume that has gone through the ranks like that! 🙂

  4. Nathan was a beautiful baby with those cheeks!!Your girls look so much alike, much more than I have ever noticed.Gorgeous!!

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