$#%^@ Health Insurance

I don’t think I have anything eloquent to say. I’ll try though. I’m still battling with our health insurance over Nathan’s medical bills. He hit his out-of-pocket maximum on January 23, 2007. They never stopped billing us for his coinsurance anyway. I spent 45 minutes on the phone arguing with the “specialist” about what an individual maximum meant versus a family maximum. She told me , once he hit the individual maximum then he just started accruing on the family maximum until that was hit. Huh? What is the purpose of an individual maximum then? 5 minutes before I needed to leave the house to pick up Julia from school she FINALLY got it. However, it was too late to make sure she was going to do anything helpful about it and I had to get off the phone. This is coupled with the fact that on October 2 I called and they told me they would issue an out of pocket audit. They have now told me that for some reason, even though I called on October 2, they did not start the process until October 29. It will be 30 business days. Gee – Thanks Uni+ed HELL Care.

So – we may be left with the dilemma – pay bills we don’t owe or be sent to collection and have a black mark on our credit report.

What a great choice. I just love the way insurance companies leave the patient with zero recourse when they can’t add two numbers together and their system even shows negative numbers as a balance due by us.

Oh – and the emotional cost to me is almost as bad. I just don’t have the extra emotional energy to battle with stupid people.

7 responses to “$#%^@ Health Insurance

  1. We went through this with a wheelchair bill.Don’t worry about it going through to collections. It won’t hit your credit immediately, and they are sometimes more understanding and willing to work with you. That’s my experience anyway. And since I was open and up-front with them and made sure to call them, they kept extending my time to get it cleared up before it hit my credit.It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.Hope this helps!

  2. Sucks, and sorry to hear it. If it’s any consolation, you probably don’t need to worry about the credit rating thing. lenders generally know not to pay much attention to medical bills for this precise reason.If your medical providers work anything like we do, if you keep in touch, i.e. call the phone number on the bill every so often, it will keep your account current and prevent it from going to collections. They *really* don’t want it t go to collection, since the recoverable amount drops drastically once that happens. If you respond to their mailings it gives them hope that you will eventually pay, so they don’t send it to collections. Sometimes sending in a token payment — even as little as $10 or $20 — will also keep your account current.

  3. That completely and totally sucks.(((HUG)))

  4. I can’t believe how painful it all is. So sorry.skncyet

  5. [So – we may be left with the dilemma – pay bills we don’t owe or be sent to collection and have a black mark on our credit report.]Kelly is right.Further, if you do get them to admit you don’t owe the money, (or further prove you don’t owe it), you can get the credit companies to remove the report anyway. This is just cruelty on top of crulety, I am sorry.

  6. Start sending letters to providers just to have a paper trail on your side. I do this all the time now with a little bit of success. I’ll copy 4 different offices with it hoping someone will do something.Good luck.

  7. Arrrrrrgh! You struck a nerve. We are battling with University, because we pay the co payment, and then they send it off to the wrong place, so the hospital bills us, and sends it to collections, but when Sharon did an audit, she found out we were paying twice, and they cant make it stop. And I want to be on record as compliant because financial is part of the transplant eval, so… arrrrrgh!

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