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So – I may be going to a funeral tomorrow. In my church – eight (no – nine) weeks later.

One of my fellow choir members lost her husband to cancer. She hasn’t been able to sing for a while but when she did, I always looked forward to sitting next to her. When I was pregnant she talked to me of singing in the choir when she was pregnant, too. That baby is in his forties now.

I had been considering going to the funeral but not sure if I could do it. Then she asked the choir to sing “How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place”. I think I can do that. I really want to do that for her. I will be sitting in the choir loft, which is my usual place to be, not like at Nathan’s funeral at which we sat in the front row. I will NEVER sit in the front row again if I don’t have to.

Babysitting plans have been made, but Julia has come down with pink-eye. She can be at home with Luke without causing him interruption, so now Lauren is still set to go.

I feel like the decision will be made for me tomorrow. There is a good chance sickness will keep me home. Either Lauren or I might have pink-eye by the middle of the day as far as I know.

I checked with the choir director tonight at rehearsal to make sure that “How Great Thou Art” was not going to be sung as a solo as it was at Nathan’s funeral. I am certain I would NOT make it through that. Even so, I am a little worried that I will be hit with flashbacks and emotion.

So – I will wait to see what sickies are in store tomorrow…

Oh – and there is another issue; what to wear? When I bought the dress I wore to Nathan’s funeral I was determined I would wear it again for other things. Well, here I am again, needing a dress appropriate for a funeral and it is going to be quite warm tomorrow so it would make sense to wear that dress again. I haven’t worn it since Nathan’s service – so if I wear it tomorrow it just might become my “funeral dress” and that will be it.

Don’t know.


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I have been trying to correct an error in one of our newspaper subscriptions. We bought an outrageously cheap year of a newspaper from a door-to-door salesperson in May. Since we have lived at our house we have gotten the same deal two other times. The deal expires, they offer us the regular rate, we decline and then a year later or so, someone shows up to sell it to us again.

This time, they made an error when they turned it and and we received a different deal (which wasn’t daily) than we signed up for, I called up and she said she switched it to daily.

I recently received a bill and so I called and they claimed I only had paid for 12 weeks. I couldn’t find my receipt – I complained about being misled but she said there was nothing she could do. So – I did nothing and got called by the billing people today. I explained the problem and he admitted that he has seen that deal before so I called the newspaper up and spent a good 45 minutes or more on the phone with people and finally got a supervisor who actually queued up the conversation I had back when the wrong subscription was put through. She said she would correct it to daily (thought said nothing about a year) and he said he would honor it but he wasn’t happy about it. He actually admitted they do give the deal I was sold even though two other CSR’s denied such a thing existed.

So – I prevailed, but at what cost? It was very stressful. I had to get annoyed with them, I had to start going down other route like asking to get the contact number of the company that hires the contractors who sell these things, etc. etc. I hate that crap and in my current state of bereavement, I can hardly handle it.

I should have just called and canceled the dang thing. Perhaps I will feel better tomorrow morning when I go get the paper.